The results of believing and trusting God’s promises

The results of believing and trusting God’s promises.

In December of 2012 myself and a group of others set off for an adventure. We were going to the Holy lands, Israel and Jordan. From Lebanon to Egypt. But just before we set out for our journey a group of terrorist from the West Bank and Gaza began an all out assault with rockets being launched into Israel. Tensions were high and many feared going to a place that was potentially so volatile and dangerous. In the month of November 2012 the Palestinian terrorists launched 1,734 rockets and 83 mortars alone. In 2012 there were 2,221 rockets and 196 mortars with only 6 deaths for the year, and all in the month of November. Why is this important?…

We did not allow the terrorist to sway our resolve and we trusted in God to see us through to the end, and He did. Our journey was filled with excitement and discovery. From Petra to the Mediterranean, from the Red Sea to Lebanon, from the sea of Galilee to the Dead sea. The Med, the Red, the Dead, Galilee and many things in between. We were safe and secure every step of the way, even when we felt uncomfortable in the hands of foreign governments and constantly surrounded by officials sent to protect us from the possibility of terrorist like ISIS or Hamas causing us trouble. Why? Because God promises to “never leave you nor forsake you.” (Heb.13:5)

God never goes back on His promises and He always remembers His promises (covenants) even when we forget or fail to see Him in our situations. In the book of 1 Samuel 23, David prays to God about what to do. God reveals to David that he should take his men and go and save a town called Keilah and it’s people from the Philistines. David tells his men and they say that they are afraid to go and attack the Philistines even though God is the one who told them to go and do this. David prays again a second time to make sure this is what God wanted. God reaffirms His command and tells David to go. David and his men go and are victorious at Keilah just as God said they would be.

King Saul begins to pursue David to take his life because of jealousy, hatred and anger. At each step along the way King Saul is thwarted and is never able to really lay hold of David as he planned to. David seems to give him the slip every time King Saul gets close.

The lesson in this for us is this… Believe God when He tells us what we should do and how we are to do it. Trust God when He tells us His plans and the outcome in advance. How do we know His plans? First, we have to believe what the Bible tells us. Believe that God is who He says He is and that He will “Never leave nor forsake us.”
Second, we have to Trust God. We have to trust that He knows better than we do about what we need to do. Trust that God’s promises for Israel and for us who believe Jesus is God’s only way to salvation, who have been “grafted in” to the root (Israel) (Rom.1:17), will be fulfilled and carried out. It is the “root” that supports us. The branches do not support the root.

When we believe and trust God’s promises and then act upon them by doing what God would have us to be doing according to His will not our own, there will be something else that happens. That is an attack by the enemy. The enemy will attack you and I every time we set out to do what God wants us to do. Every time we are believing and trusting God for things in our life, the enemy will attack us, our families, our friends, our fellow believers, our children, our grandchildren, our churches, our marriages, and every relationship we have he will seek to destroy. Why? in order to destroy my walk and yours with Christ. To destroy your testimony as a believer and mine. To give God’s church a “black eye”, a bad name, a bad reputation in the community and keep others from salvation in Christ.

Has this happened to you? It sure has to me. As long as you are doing what God wants you to be doing, the enemy will try and destroy your walk with God and keep you from Worshiping with other believers.

Has he succeeded in your life? Will you let the enemy destroy you? Or will you trust God’s word?
You can know that the enemy is already defeated and God will not allow anything in your life that you can’t overcome IF YOU LET HIM! If you don’t… guess who wins?

May God bless you,
Pastor Wally